Kauai Spa

We are on the property of the Hanalei Colony Resort

Take a look at the view from our exclusive,
secluded Beach-side Massage Location!

Our Mission Statement

This is a holistic business.
We are dedicated to giving consistent, excellent customer service, and
share our gifts in our own unique, fun and soulful way.

Our Hanalei Day Spa community may have differing: lifestyle, practices & beliefs. However, we are united in our willingness to serve.  Above all, we value; integrity, efficiency, and compassion in harmony with ourselves, the earth and each other.

We happily offer a helping hand when we can, and humbly ask for help when we need it.

Our team is kind and cooperative even in the rare case that we make a mistake. Our viewpoint on mistakes is of acceptance and accountability. We all make them, we do our best to humbly learn from them, put it behind us, and move forward.

We are dedicated to consistent, excellent customer service.
As we share our gifts in our own unique, fun and soulful way at Hanalei Day Spa!

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