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Possible Health Coaching Topics:


The human body has natural detox mechanisms build in and can handle small amounts of toxicity. But our bodies are not equipped to handle the large amount of toxins we are exposed to every day.

We are consuming toxins with each bite, each breath, every drink, cleaning product, shower & body product we use. Toxins affect us, and we need to take action to protect ourselves! Everyone is toxic nowadays, from the contamination of our water, air, food sources. With pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals!
What we need to ask ourselves is: what is my toxic burden and how is that affecting my health?

Unless you have done a cleanse and felt the overwhelming feeling of clarity, health, and lightness that it brings, it is hard to imagine.

That’s why I invite you to find out for yourself.

I can help you to asses your toxic burden and guide you step by step through cleanses that are safe and appropriate for you. Then, I will help you to rebuild and rejuvenate!
I help you learn to avoid what you need to avoid and protect yourself and your family.

Food Audits

A food audit is where we systematically go through your food choices, and I help you to optimize your diet based on your health goals and your current level of health.

Specific ‘Project’

You may have an area that you want to address, I call this a ‘project’ area. These are usually areas of pain, tension or discomfort and we would like to find some relief without compromising our health in other areas. Which sometimes can happen when we resort to pharmaceuticals and surgeries. i.e, taking lots of Advil can cause liver damage etc.
Most people are waking up to the fact that we can’t rely on doctors to keep us healthy! And that we absolutely can optimize or diet and lifestyle for maximum health benefits!

Common project areas are
anxiety, depression, weight gain, weight loss, acute or chronic pain in the back, neck, knees etc, painful menstruation, headaches, heartburn, brain fog, sleeplessness/insomnia, leg cramps, carpal tunnel, neck stiffness, bad breath.

Are you ready to take on your project area and feel better?

Ayurvedic Consultation

If you’re joining us for an in-person Ayurvedic consultation, your time also includes an Ayurvedic physical including a pulse analysis, where we feel the health of the organs, systems, and tissues.

Shopping List / Recipe Ideas

Making sure to have prepared meals ready is such a help! Keeps us on track, helps our budget and saves time! I can help you have the exact foods that you need to feel your best.

Consultation Options

Your consultation can be: In Person, via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime
Click to schedule a 50-minute Health Consultation with me
YOU deserve it!

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