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Wildfires, your toxic exposure, 10 things you can do

Wildfires, your toxic exposure, 10 things you can do

This is unprecedented…. The amount of toxic matter being released into the environment, the air, water on the food, and the atmosphere is unprecedented. Even aside from the wildfires, at no other time in the history of the world have there been more substances that are toxic to the body.

There are more; types of plastics, chemicals and toxins in our air, water, and food than ever before. Drinking from a simple plastic water bottle we consume plastic, even if it says BPA free! Studies show that we consume a credit card worth of plastic each week!

Fukushima is still spilling trillions of gallons of nuclear waste into the ocean daily, chemical plants spew toxic emissions, and our cleaning and body products, all these contribute to the toxic burden of the planet and our individual bodies. Did you know that exposure to combinations of chemicals are thousands of times more harmful to the human body than being exposed to one chemical?

But don’t worry, stick with me till the end and I will help you prevent toxins and share “the cleanse to end all cleanses” to eliminate these toxins, and part of it is free right now.

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Right now ⅓ of the US is burning. It is so sad to see people lose their homes and be poisoned by breathing in the noxious fumes.

That means that the homes and contents; the plastics, foams in beds couches, carpeting, insulation in walls, formaldehyde and flame retardants in furniture, walls, the plastics in all the appliances, all the chemicals and toxins in the contents of homes, stores and businesses, cars, components in ⅓ of the United States is burning.

This is all going into the air, and people are breathing that in. The toxic burnt particles will fall into the water and onto the food, contaminating the planet.. forever.

Because most of these toxins are what is called persistent, they persist in the environment and our bodies….for generations.

Agent Orange, a toxic complex combination of chemicals that Dow Chemical made and the United States used during the Vietnam war. Millions of Vietnamese and our veterans got exposed to Agent Orange and have caused debilitating diseases in 3 generations now.

I hate to say it out loud, but the net effect of these wildfires will cause a catastrophic increase in the incidence of disease for generations to come as well.

But there are ways to cleanse these toxins, We have tested my cleanse on people who have been exposed to Agent Orange and even radiation, and they reported feeling fewer symptoms, clearer mind and overall feeling healthier. Stay to the end and I will make a special offer…

Coming back to our topic…

This is important: Remember if you can smell it, you are breathing it in, the particulate IS THE smell, in other words, when you can smell something, such as smoke in this case, you are breathing in the particles. You are taking those particles into your body through your lungs, which then deposit there, and go directly into the bloodstream.

As another example, when you smell mold, you are breathing in the mold particles. Mold can lodge in the sinus cavities, the lungs, even get into the blood and other organs and grow!

And another, when you smell that “fresh laundry smell” from clothes or when your neighbors are doing laundry, you are breathing in all the complex chemicals in laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Incidentally, these chemicals are designed to stick on your clothes and sheets and release their scent. Well, that scent disrupts your hormone balance, endocrine system and can make you sick. People, not me because I use organic bamboo sheets and chemical-free laundry detergent, but other people wear these clothes all day, then sleep on the sheets exposing thor skin to these toxins 24 hours a day.,,,

Then get in the shower, where their skin drinks 100 times more fluoride, chlorine, drugs present in municipal drinking water such as antibiotics, antidepressants, pain pills, synthetic hormones, hormone replacement, birth control pills (think about this if you are a man) chemotherapy agents and more.

Then eat food which has genetically engineered pesticides grown into it (then sprayed on the food), and then fed growth hormones and antibiotics.  No wonder why we are sick as a nation.

As a society, we desperately need to:

  1. Learn about all these combinations of toxins
  2. Cleanse these toxins
  3. Know how to track our progress as we cleanse
  4. Prevent toxins from entering our body in the first place, because it is way easier to prevent them than it is to cleanse toxins. Don’t worry, I got you. Did you know that we consume toxins in 3 ways: 
  1. Breathing them in
  2. Our skin indiscriminately consumes everything that is put on it.
  3. And through eating

This is important too. What you need to know is that being exposed to toxins for the most part, is not like when you stub your toe. When you stub your toe, you feel the entirety of the effect of it…. immediately.

If you are exposed to the toxins currently being released as a result of the wildfires on the west coast you may feel many immediate effects, such as burning eyes and chest, brain fog and confusion or headaches, but the long term effects are yet unknown.

But, here is what we know, most of the signs of toxins in the body are the same!

I have been hearing reports that people are experiencing the very same signs that I have been teaching about in my Serious Cleanse 30-day challenge, I help people to learn about toxins, to cleanse them, track their progress and prevent toxins from getting into the body in the first place. Listen to the end and I will make a special offer to do my cleansing program and the companion cleansing kit, for my west coast friends.

Effects of toxic exposure:

What you can do to reduce your toxic exposure:

The old adage is so applicable here: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, it is MUCH easier to prevent toxins from getting in your body than it is to cleanse them.

“Be the filter or buy a filter.”

We either have an external filter or our body becomes the filter. It is important to have a shower filter, drinking water filter, and air filters.

Remember the three ways that we consume toxins? 

  1. Well, when you shower in the morning and the evening, then oil your skin and nostrils will help keep the skin clean. Coating your skin with a little oil will prevent most toxins from getting in your body. By lubricating the nostrils the particles are more easily eliminated.
  2. Wear long clothing to cover most of your skin and prevent the small toxic particulate debris from landing on your skin.
  3. wear an n-99 mask when outdoors, but stay inside as much as possible when you can smell burning.
  4. Do NOT exercise, or do breathing exercises when you can smell ‘smoke’ in the air.
  5. Cover all water/food containers to prevent debris from falling in.
  6. Wash exposed produce in baking soda water. Studies show that baking soda water eliminates pesticides.
  7. During the active wildfires change your filter every few days. Wash them with a hose so you have a bunch on hand.
  8. Make air filters by taping filters to one side box fans,
  9. Make an ad hoc air purifier.  Is to wet towels dipped in baking soda water then cover the vents, another level of purification.
    Internal purification Internal purification is really needed because of all the toxic particulates released into the air that people are breathing in.
    I have many friends/clients who live in northern California that got really sick after the fires over the last few years. some with mysterious acute autoimmune diseases.

Quickly eliminate toxins from the body by:

  1. Drink tulsi tea/water infusions – Studies that show tulsi takes out pollutants in water and it does the same in our body.
  2. Activated charcoal – I would be taking 1 capsule 3 x a day. Charcoal has many microscopic surfaces that absorb toxins of all kinds. It is a go-to substance in many instances when people ingest poison. a common suggestion of “poison control”
  3. Detox baths – Detox baths with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and fuller’s earth. These all absorb toxins.
  4. Eat clean – Right now it is important to be balanced and not go into substance alcohol, or food addiction. Do your best to avoid sugar, junk and processed foods.
  5. Neti – If you have a Neti pot use it! Neti gently cleanses the nostrils from debris. Use warm, not hot water, and add a pinch of salt to taste, then rinse nostrils every morning and night right now, then oil your nostrils. Just this one act will go a long way in supporting your immunity!
  6. Keep your lymphatic system moving!

2 things that I offer, can help:
Cleanse without the guesswork

  • the 7-Day Serious Cleanse program is free right now.
  • My Serious Cleanse Kit, the companion cleansing kit to the 7-day, helps people to eliminate all manner of toxins with 3 steps and it only takes 20-30 minutes.
    • The Cleanse tea works to cleanse the liver and kidneys, then I teach you how to cleanse the skin and lymphatic system with an easy to follow tutorial.
    • After that the serious cleanse body mask has many earth and sea ingredients such as clays, charcoal, kelps and herbs that are known to draw out toxins from the body. One kit lasts 5 days.
  • If you are interested in doing my cleansing kit, here is a link. I also have a virtual cleanse, anyone on the west coast affected by the fires, can attend my virtual cleanse free right now with the purchase of the kit.

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