Deep Tissue VS Lomi Lomi Massage, Which should you get?

Have you ever wondered which would be right for you?

Let’s dive in and take a look.
First of all it’s not that black and white, I was just trying to get your attention with the title.
And it worked. he he, but now that you are here, I want to give you some useful information.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other actually. You could have a deep Tissue Lomi Massage, or you can have a light pressure massage.
It is your choice. You want to think about what your body needs.
If you cringe at the thought of a massage or it’s painful for you, a relaxing Lomi Lomi maybe perfect for you.
However if you are like me and have, uhhh, project areas, you may need deep tissue to work out those project areas.

What is Deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure to work out muscular tension.
Using long strokes that traverse from origin to insertion,
or cross fiber friction or even trigger point therapy can be deep tissue.

5 reasons you may want a deep tissue massage

  1. You have knots
  2. If you have pain
  3. If you are stiff
  4. You may want to consider deep tissue option if you don’t stretch often.
  5. Or if you have an old injury or scar tissue, you want to keep that area open and clear.

What is Lomi Lomi massage?

Lomi Lomi is our indigenous Hawaiian massage. it uses long, fluid, flowing strokes, usually in 3’s.
I call it the Hula of massage as it is rhythmic and emulates waves in the ocean.
It leaves my body feeling very supple and connected especially when I receive my favorite, which is Deep tissue 4 hands Lomi Lomi Massage.
Watch this video about 4 hands massage, the Ultimate spa treatment
Now this isn’t for timid at all. But I am a seasoned massage therapist and receiver.
Incidentally, I had my first massage at 17 and took my first massage therapy class at the age of 13.

Whichever you choose, make sure to get massage!

Massage is good for you.
It circulates the lymphatic system, eliminates toxins such as lactic acid, stimulates feel good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin and it feels good!

Watch this video above to learn more, when you find value, please like comment, subscribe and share!
Let me know which you like to receive!


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