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Do You Have Emotional Toxins?

Kicking off 2022 with Emotional and Mental Cleansing 

Aloha this is Darci Frankel coming to you from Hanalei Day Spa here on Kauai to wish you a Happy New Year!

How is your 2022 so far? Are you still excited about your goals or intentions for 2022? I would love to hear what they are if you feel like sharing them. Reply below or shout out to me on instagram so that I can cheer you on.

On the other hand, you may be unsure of your goals, or have resistance to even making them. Sometimes there may be emotional or mental block or even some trauma, especially after this past couple of years.

Even on a subtle or subconscious level because emotional content may get in the way of us reaching our goals. As a cleansing specialist, I help folks to eliminate physical toxins, you know the garden variety heavy metals, pesticides, pseudo estrogens and mold etc,. AND emotional toxins too, because the undigested emotional stuff is just as important as physical toxins.

Often, these emotions are so deeply buried you don’t realize they’re even there. But because they haven’t been properly released, these emotions can negatively affect your health.

In fact, studies show these stuck emotions can:

  • Derail DNA communication
  • Suppress immune system functions
  • cause fatigue, illness, depression, and worse.

    Yes, it’s essential to detox chemicals and heavy metals. But I also believe EVERYONE should detox toxic emotions too.

    If you are interested in learning more about this check out my:

    Guided Meditation/Gently Detoxing Our Emotions
    click HERE to listen to audio 

We begin by simply sitting quietly…click HERE to practice with me. 

If you are still unsure about your focus this year, you can book a consultation with me HERE. We can do a deep dive on your health goals. Unearth the blockages, and help you move toward your best health yet. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Is Kauai calling you?

Come visit! There are cheap fares, quick flights and your happy place, remember to schedule your couple’s massage EARLY at Hanalei Day Spa.

[Home Spa Series] Skin Exfoliation

The leading anti-aging authorities tell us of the importance of exfoliation and lymphatic circulation. We were not taught this stuff in school but today today I’ll talk about exfoliation and give you 3 easy ways to exfoliate your skin from your own home.

It’s quite invigorating, leaves your skin feeling AMAZING and is a great solo or couple’s activity! 

Because this is my new Hanalei Day Spa Home Spa Series, that means I will be teaching you how to do spa services from the comfort of your home!

I’ll even share Hanalei Day Spa’s secret full body exfoliation formula with you! So lets dive in!

Most people do not exfoliate their skin. We all KNOW the skin is the largest organ in the body it protects us, it also digests everything we put on it for better or worse, which is a another story but we AND WE NEED TO EXFOLIATE our skin periodically!

What is it?

  • Exfoliating the skin is simply using some rough surface to rub off dead skin cells that accumulate.
  • You can use a loofah, gloves, skin brush or even a washcloth!
  • You don’t have to have dry skin to exfoliate, In fact, it is good for oily skin too any type of skin can benefit.. If you have sensitive skin, be gentle…  You will love the look and feel after you exfoliate it! In fact, it is a fav of ours to give..why…Skincare experts say some of the benefits include clearing away dry and dead skin, enhancing the skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthfulness, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Exfoliating the skin is gently rubbing the skin with something slightly rough such as a wet or dry washcloth, a skin brush or a loofah. This helps to remove the dead layer of skin that we actually carry around on us.

Why exfoliate your skin?

    • Periodically Gently exfoliating the skin allows for greater circulation
    • Supports healthy lymphatic circulation, the lymph moves in 3 ways…
    • Helps cell turnover
    • Stimulated production of collagen
    • Unclogs pores and prevents acne
    • They also say it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How does one exfoliate?

  • Our colleague and mentor Dr.Mercola suggests to First hydrate your entire system with good, clean pure or filtered water and high antioxidant green tea. I’ll share a link for the filter I recommend. Eat a diet of organic fruits, vegetables and meats (if meat is in your diet). And it is important to cleanse periodically. Skin exfoliation is part of that cleansing process. If you are doing my Serious Cleanse Kit or Cleansing Protocol, cleansing the skin is one of the first parts. .The skin is one of the 4 organs of detoxification…
  • After you exfoliate you can oil your skin. Applying oil to your skin with a good quality oil nourishes the skin, and gently lubricates the tissues it also helps to carry out impurities.
  • Wet or dry
  • Movements are from distal to proximal, furthest point on the body to the center.

2 examples

    • You can use gloves, brush or even a washcloth…I use these gloves pictured, sometimes in the shower wet and sometimes dry. Skin brushes can also be dry or wet.
    • One of my favorites and what we use at HDS salt scrub, this both exfoliates moisturizes and nourishes the skin. We even add your choice of aromatherapy to it. I-2 tbs of finely ground sea salt and 4-6 tablespoons of organic coconut oil. and gently rub it on your skin in the shower. Avoid the bottom of your feet since you will be standing up.


        • Gentle chest degletee
        • Broken/inflamed skin
        • Be gentle with sensitive skin

Ok, now its your turn! LMK how it feels!

Watch my video here:

Click HERE for my Water filter recommendation.

If you want to do a deeper cleanse…Serious Cleanse Protocol | Serious Cleanse

If you like this and want more

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Thank you for spending some time with me today

See you soon

Wildfires, your toxic exposure, 10 things you can do

Wildfires, your toxic exposure, 10 things you can do

This is unprecedented…. The amount of toxic matter being released into the environment, the air, water on the food, and the atmosphere is unprecedented. Even aside from the wildfires, at no other time in the history of the world have there been more substances that are toxic to the body.

There are more; types of plastics, chemicals and toxins in our air, water, and food than ever before. Drinking from a simple plastic water bottle we consume plastic, even if it says BPA free! Studies show that we consume a credit card worth of plastic each week!

Fukushima is still spilling trillions of gallons of nuclear waste into the ocean daily, chemical plants spew toxic emissions, and our cleaning and body products, all these contribute to the toxic burden of the planet and our individual bodies. Did you know that exposure to combinations of chemicals are thousands of times more harmful to the human body than being exposed to one chemical?

But don’t worry, stick with me till the end and I will help you prevent toxins and share “the cleanse to end all cleanses” to eliminate these toxins, and part of it is free right now.

Continue reading, or watch the video here:

Right now ⅓ of the US is burning. It is so sad to see people lose their homes and be poisoned by breathing in the noxious fumes.

That means that the homes and contents; the plastics, foams in beds couches, carpeting, insulation in walls, formaldehyde and flame retardants in furniture, walls, the plastics in all the appliances, all the chemicals and toxins in the contents of homes, stores and businesses, cars, components in ⅓ of the United States is burning.

This is all going into the air, and people are breathing that in. The toxic burnt particles will fall into the water and onto the food, contaminating the planet.. forever.

Because most of these toxins are what is called persistent, they persist in the environment and our bodies….for generations.

Agent Orange, a toxic complex combination of chemicals that Dow Chemical made and the United States used during the Vietnam war. Millions of Vietnamese and our veterans got exposed to Agent Orange and have caused debilitating diseases in 3 generations now.

I hate to say it out loud, but the net effect of these wildfires will cause a catastrophic increase in the incidence of disease for generations to come as well.

But there are ways to cleanse these toxins, We have tested my cleanse on people who have been exposed to Agent Orange and even radiation, and they reported feeling fewer symptoms, clearer mind and overall feeling healthier. Stay to the end and I will make a special offer…

Coming back to our topic…

This is important: Remember if you can smell it, you are breathing it in, the particulate IS THE smell, in other words, when you can smell something, such as smoke in this case, you are breathing in the particles. You are taking those particles into your body through your lungs, which then deposit there, and go directly into the bloodstream.

As another example, when you smell mold, you are breathing in the mold particles. Mold can lodge in the sinus cavities, the lungs, even get into the blood and other organs and grow!

And another, when you smell that “fresh laundry smell” from clothes or when your neighbors are doing laundry, you are breathing in all the complex chemicals in laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Incidentally, these chemicals are designed to stick on your clothes and sheets and release their scent. Well, that scent disrupts your hormone balance, endocrine system and can make you sick. People, not me because I use organic bamboo sheets and chemical-free laundry detergent, but other people wear these clothes all day, then sleep on the sheets exposing thor skin to these toxins 24 hours a day.,,,

Then get in the shower, where their skin drinks 100 times more fluoride, chlorine, drugs present in municipal drinking water such as antibiotics, antidepressants, pain pills, synthetic hormones, hormone replacement, birth control pills (think about this if you are a man) chemotherapy agents and more.

Then eat food which has genetically engineered pesticides grown into it (then sprayed on the food), and then fed growth hormones and antibiotics.  No wonder why we are sick as a nation.

As a society, we desperately need to:

  1. Learn about all these combinations of toxins
  2. Cleanse these toxins
  3. Know how to track our progress as we cleanse
  4. Prevent toxins from entering our body in the first place, because it is way easier to prevent them than it is to cleanse toxins. Don’t worry, I got you. Did you know that we consume toxins in 3 ways: 
  1. Breathing them in
  2. Our skin indiscriminately consumes everything that is put on it.
  3. And through eating

This is important too. What you need to know is that being exposed to toxins for the most part, is not like when you stub your toe. When you stub your toe, you feel the entirety of the effect of it…. immediately.

If you are exposed to the toxins currently being released as a result of the wildfires on the west coast you may feel many immediate effects, such as burning eyes and chest, brain fog and confusion or headaches, but the long term effects are yet unknown.

But, here is what we know, most of the signs of toxins in the body are the same!

I have been hearing reports that people are experiencing the very same signs that I have been teaching about in my Serious Cleanse 30-day challenge, I help people to learn about toxins, to cleanse them, track their progress and prevent toxins from getting into the body in the first place. Listen to the end and I will make a special offer to do my cleansing program and the companion cleansing kit, for my west coast friends.

Effects of toxic exposure:

What you can do to reduce your toxic exposure:

The old adage is so applicable here: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, it is MUCH easier to prevent toxins from getting in your body than it is to cleanse them.

“Be the filter or buy a filter.”

We either have an external filter or our body becomes the filter. It is important to have a shower filter, drinking water filter, and air filters.

Remember the three ways that we consume toxins? 

  1. Well, when you shower in the morning and the evening, then oil your skin and nostrils will help keep the skin clean. Coating your skin with a little oil will prevent most toxins from getting in your body. By lubricating the nostrils the particles are more easily eliminated.
  2. Wear long clothing to cover most of your skin and prevent the small toxic particulate debris from landing on your skin.
  3. wear an n-99 mask when outdoors, but stay inside as much as possible when you can smell burning.
  4. Do NOT exercise, or do breathing exercises when you can smell ‘smoke’ in the air.
  5. Cover all water/food containers to prevent debris from falling in.
  6. Wash exposed produce in baking soda water. Studies show that baking soda water eliminates pesticides.
  7. During the active wildfires change your filter every few days. Wash them with a hose so you have a bunch on hand.
  8. Make air filters by taping filters to one side box fans,
  9. Make an ad hoc air purifier.  Is to wet towels dipped in baking soda water then cover the vents, another level of purification.
    Internal purification Internal purification is really needed because of all the toxic particulates released into the air that people are breathing in.
    I have many friends/clients who live in northern California that got really sick after the fires over the last few years. some with mysterious acute autoimmune diseases.

Quickly eliminate toxins from the body by:

  1. Drink tulsi tea/water infusions – Studies that show tulsi takes out pollutants in water and it does the same in our body.
  2. Activated charcoal – I would be taking 1 capsule 3 x a day. Charcoal has many microscopic surfaces that absorb toxins of all kinds. It is a go-to substance in many instances when people ingest poison. a common suggestion of “poison control”
  3. Detox baths – Detox baths with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and fuller’s earth. These all absorb toxins.
  4. Eat clean – Right now it is important to be balanced and not go into substance alcohol, or food addiction. Do your best to avoid sugar, junk and processed foods.
  5. Neti – If you have a Neti pot use it! Neti gently cleanses the nostrils from debris. Use warm, not hot water, and add a pinch of salt to taste, then rinse nostrils every morning and night right now, then oil your nostrils. Just this one act will go a long way in supporting your immunity!
  6. Keep your lymphatic system moving!

2 things that I offer, can help:
Cleanse without the guesswork

  • the 7-Day Serious Cleanse program is free right now.
  • My Serious Cleanse Kit, the companion cleansing kit to the 7-day, helps people to eliminate all manner of toxins with 3 steps and it only takes 20-30 minutes.
    • The Cleanse tea works to cleanse the liver and kidneys, then I teach you how to cleanse the skin and lymphatic system with an easy to follow tutorial.
    • After that the serious cleanse body mask has many earth and sea ingredients such as clays, charcoal, kelps and herbs that are known to draw out toxins from the body. One kit lasts 5 days.
  • If you are interested in doing my cleansing kit, here is a link. I also have a virtual cleanse, anyone on the west coast affected by the fires, can attend my virtual cleanse free right now with the purchase of the kit.

Learn to let go

Graciously letting go,
when life requires,
is a good skill!
Sometimes we don’t get what we want, we have an agenda or we are holding on to our preference, or we think, life should be different. When we are caught up in all this mind activity, we aren’t able to be present with what is.

Consider that letting go isn’t giving up, it is simply choosing what we have!

3 signs that it is time to let go:

  1. White knuckles..resistance to life or something/someone is an indication that we are holding on.
  2. When we notice that we justify and defend our point.
  3. During times where something, someone or a circumstance is ‘going’ anyway.


  • Consider that letting go isn’t giving up, it is simply choosing what we have!
  • What is a life skill that you possess and are proud of?
In this 5 minute video, I teach a yoga practice, called a pranayama, to let go. Please leave a comment as to how you felt and what are you letting go of?

Please leave a comment as to how you felt and what are you letting go of?

Helping people to be healthy, happy, efficient and vibrant!

“Darci has a strong commitment to healing and transformation which she expresses through her wisdom in Ayurveda.”
Deepak Chopra M.D., Author

Darci Frankel, Day Spa Consultant/owner of Hanalei Day Spa, shares her expertise in the area of Ayurvedic medicine, health and well being. Helping folks increase their levels of health, learn about self-care, heal from diseases and reach levels of enlightenment with meditation practices.

Email for a free 15-minute consultation to see how Darci Frankel can help you
up-level your health!

I have 2 Youtube channels: DarciAyur and Hanalei Day Spa

Hanalei Day Spa and The Ayurveda Center of Hawaii, on Kauai

How to make healing Bone Broth, that tastes great!

Bone Broth, the superfood


Bone broth is a nutritional supplement, a superfood packed with potent nutrition!
The way that I make bone broth is quite unique.
I have a long background in Ayurvedic Medicine. In Ayurveda, we prepare herbalized oils, potent medicinal teas, and other medicine. For instance, one way we do this, is to cook cups of herbs in gallons of water for 3 days, strain, then add oil and cook the oil out. This infuses the oil with the potent tea. In this way (and many ways), my Ayurveda background has informed my broth preparation.

Similarly, bone broth also has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. It is highly regarded as a helps support the digestive system, is a great tonic, builds the blood, supports the kidneys, offers incredible minerals, which most of us are depleted with,  supports the gut, Bone broth improves skin, bone and joint health and is anti-inflammatory. It can single-highhandedly help someone heal from the leaky gut syndrome.

Above all, these are some of the reasons I love Bone broth.
We drink it in our family and recommend it to the those who need it when they come to me for Ayurveda Consultation.


3.5-4 gallons of water (depending on the size of your crockpot)
Bones; turkey, chicken, beef or bison
Whole Black peppercorns, fenugreek, ginger, thyme, fresh Rosemary
Apple Cider Vinegar which pulls the minerals out of the bones into the broth.
2 LG Onions, 2 Lg. tomatoes, celery, and 1 lemon

Lemongrass, fenugreek, galangal are a nice addition, especially during cold and flu season.


add bones, water, veggies, and herbs, cook on low for 24-48 hours


Athletes, New mothers, anyone who is sick; convalescing, weak, elderly, anyone needing more strength.


Cook for 3 days, daily add veg if you’d like, add more water.
After that, let it cool.
Then strain it and throw bones away. (you can puree vegetables and use as a base of a soup)
Pour bone broth into containers, however make sure to leave ½ inch when freezing PACKAGING IT


More information, you might enjoy:

10 Keys to BEING seriously healthy



How to be Healthy Using Self-Care Routines.

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us about self-care using healthy routines as a way to create and sustain a healthy body and mind. Pronounced (eye-your-Veda) – Ayurveda is the ancient science of life from India. “Ayur” means “life” and “Veda” translates to “science, knowledge or wisdom.” Ayurveda is a 7,000-year old science of life. It is ancient, yet its principles are as applicable today as they were in so many years ago.


  • About Ayurveda a brief description
  • Creating health using Ayurveda’s healing modalities.
  • How to be healthy through the Seasons
  • Daily routine, Dina Charia
  • How to give Abhyanga, self-oil massage.

The 3 goals of Ayurveda are:

  1. To prevent disease.
  2. Preserve health.
  3. Promote longevity.

These goals are achieved by applying these
four healing modalities

  1. Mindful eating: Your diet is one of the most common ways to implement Ayurvedic principles for self-healing, an easy way to introduce the beneficial qualities of healing foods into your system since we all tend to eat two to three times per day. * Click here to view or print out Food guidelines for the three constitutional types.
  2. Pancha Karma This is a very quick way to eliminate toxins and create balance in the body and mind.
  3. Ayurveda body treatments. Treatments help to balance the bodily humors/doshas, open the body, and they eliminate pain and energetic blockages.
  4. Yoga: Yoga practice is an important aspect of how Ayurveda helps people in creating health.  In ancient times, people were taught yoga on a one-to-one basis in order to address their individual needs.  Group classes are beneficial, and it’s always a good idea to get an Ayurvedic assessment of both your current yoga practice and your needs according to Ayurveda. When you have a practice that serves your precise needs (which tend to change over time), you will feel your best.  Classes cater to all skill levels as they feature a Hatha flow style with an Ayurvedic overview. Private customized yoga classes at Hanalei Day Spa are available by appointment, year round.

Understanding Ayurveda’s how the elements affect you and your body/mind types help you determine the best path for your self-care. Ayurveda recognizes that there are 5 basic elements that comprise everything we know. They are, in order from subtle to gross: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Each one of us is a combination of these 5 elements.

There are 3 general body/mind types. 

They are Vata (wind), which governs movement, Pitta (bile), which governs transformation, and Kapha (phlegm/mucus), which governs structure. Like a grand cosmic recipe, we are all a combination of each general body/mind type. Traditionally Pancha Karma, a cleansing and rejuvenation program, is very effective in eliminating excesses of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

Our basic, original body/mind type remains unaltered throughout our life and is called “prakruti.” Pronounced  “pra-krooti,” it is determined the moment the father’s sperm meets the mother’s egg. After that point, we acquire “vikruti” — disorder or departure from order. Vikruti frequently occurs in the junction between seasons or during stressful times.

Each season we can grow in health and Ayurveda teaches us how. For instance:

Winter: During the winter months, Kapha (phlegm) accumulates as a result of the cold, damp, cloudy and heavy qualities of the weather. As we move into spring and the temperature rises, Kapha begins to liquefy and becomes increased at the main Kapha sites, which are; the stomach, chest, sinuses, and nose. This explains the predictable yearly spring allergies, colds and flu that many people are afflicted with during the season. Click here for more seasonal tips.

Spring: As a result of the excess Kapha, the digestive fire “agni” is reduced. This is why during the spring (and if you know that your Kapha is prone to increase) it is important to make Kapha pacifying food and lifestyle choices. This would include foods that are lighter in both quality and quantity, drier, warmer and rougher. Click here for more seasonal tips.

Summer: In the heat of the summer, Pitta (bile) is increased so you may see common symptoms such as inflammation, diarrhea and skin rashes. People with Pitta constitution should follow a Pitta pacifying food routine during the summertime. Click here for more seasonal tips.

Fall: Fall is the season that Vata (wind) increases which means dryness and movement in the body also increase. The seat or home of Vata is the pelvis. If you experience tightness here, it is an indication that the qualities of Vata have lodged there. Click here for more seasonal tips.

Your lifestyle choices may change based on these self-care routines. seasonal routines. Therefore, you may want to make food choices appropriate for the climate, season and body/ mind type; change the times you choose to eat and sleep; there are even seasons where it is advised that sex is practiced more or less. Other suggestions involve herbs, color, and yoga. Ask us about it during your retreat at The Ayurvedic Center of Hawaii.

Daily Self- Care Routine

Keeping a daily routine is a discipline, yet it creates such stability in an ever-changing world, enhances a healthy body/mind, balancing your rhythms along with nature’s rhythms, and prevents disease.

An ideal daily routine might look like this:

  • Arise before or at sunrise.
  • Move your bowels and bladder — fluid intake helps this via the gastro-colic reflex.
  • Use abyanga oil massage, nasal administration (optional).
  • Exercise (some will consider this more appropriate after meditation, but still before breakfast).
  • Shower and personal hygiene like cleaning tongue, clipping nails, brushing teeth.
  • Practice yoga asanas, yogic breathing, and meditation.
  • Eat a light breakfast (optional).
  • The main activity of day — giving emphasis to the most physical aspects when possible.
  • Eat your main meal at noon.
  • Take a short walk.
  • Continue day’s activity with emphasis on mental rather than physical aspects.
  • Eat a lighter and smaller evening meal.
  • Take a short walk.
  • Wind down, choose an activity, which is soothing and calming such as reading and family discussions or other bonding activities.  Generally, watching TV is sometimes too dynamic and stimulating for evening viewing.
  • In bed before 10 PM.
Abhyanga, Self Oil Massage, Exquisite Self Care

click here to view and print out Abhyanga, self-oil massage handout

How can a ritual so luxuriously relaxing, so blissfully comforting as a full-body warm oil massage rev up your body and mind, gearing them up for peak performance? There is an explanation for the seeming contradiction. Accumulated stress and toxins in the mind and body dissolve during the daily massage. A daily full-body warm oil massage, therefore, acts as a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of mind and body.

“Abhyanga” — the ayurvedic oil massage — is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being. Traditional ayurvedic texts wax eloquent on the benefits. Here’s what one says — “Give yourself a full body oil massage on a daily basis. It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure, and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body”.

Here are some of the benefits traditionally associated with the regular performance of this pleasant daily ritual:
  • Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings
  • Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
  • Calming for the nerves
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Improved elimination of impurities from the body
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Increased levels of stamina through the day
  • Better, deeper sleep at night

Abhyanga provides the means for transdermal absorption of the healing qualities of the material used in the massage, and it helps the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, perform its diverse functions efficiently, whether it is allowing toxins to be released from the body or nourishment to be absorbed by the tissues. It is like oiling the engine of your car — if you do it regularly, your engine will be in peak condition and give you years and years of trouble-free performance.

The ayurvedic massage is traditionally performed in the morning, before your bath or shower, to facilitate the release of toxins that may have accumulated during the previous night. You can use cured sesame oil, an herbalized massage oil, or an aroma massage oil.

So how is the ayurvedic abhyanga done?

Use comfortably warm massage oil. (Store your massage oil in a plastic flip-top and warm it by holding the container under running hot water for a few minutes) Dip your fingertips into the warm oil and apply it lightly to the entire body. Wait for 4-5 minutes to let some of the oil be absorbed by your skin. Then massage the entire body, applying even pressure with the whole hand — palm and fingers.

Apply light pressure on sensitive areas such as the abdomen or the heart. Use more oil and spend more time where nerve endings are concentrated, such as the soles of the feet, palms of the hands and along the base of the fingernails. Circular motions over rounded areas such as your head or joints, and straight strokes on straight areas such as your arms and legs, work best.

After you’re done, relax for 10-15 minutes, letting the oil and the massage do their magic. The longer the oil is on, the deeper it penetrates. During this time you can read something relaxing or uplifting, rest, or shave, cut nails, and get ready for the day. Dab excess oil off with paper towels if you like, then follow with a relaxing warm bath or shower. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a daily massage, try and squeeze it in at least three or four times a week. You’ll find it’s worth it!

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Hacking Travel, self care during travel

not all who wander are lost-2It is possible to maintain, and even ‘up level’ our self-care while we travel!

With a little planning, you can have your vacation uplevel your self-care on your vacation and propel you towards greater wellness! Most people do not understand that the problem is that air travel is extremely dehydrating, the dry air wicks important liquid from our bodies, this is why our main goal inflight is hydration. Our body and brain do not function well when dehydrated. A lot of people I know who have traveled frequently through their lives develop more negative effects of travel the older they get. Here, I outline some simple steps, to minimize the negative impact of travel.

Prepare in advance:

  1. Hydrate well for several days before you travel. 1 gallon of pure (filtered or artesian water) daily.
  2. Give yourself an oil massage the day of or the day before you fly.
    Self-massage Instructions here
  3. Prevent travel constipation by stabilizing your bowel movement cycle. You can do this by drinking 1 cup of warm water or tea immediately upon rising to stimulate peristaltic movement.  Peristaltic movement is the wavelike movement of the intestines and colon which moves waste out. Avoid colon weakening laxatives like cascara sagrada. Do ‘pose of the child’ AKA balasana, for several minutes upon arising.
  4. The best food choices at this time are warm, cooked, easy to digest, soupy foods that are easy to digest and in simple combinations with some extra grass fed butter, coconut oil or ghee, adding the oils supports hydration. *Warm foods are grounding and calming and counteract the dryness. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, we heal using the influence of opposites. For instance, if someone has dry skin, we recommend oil massage.
  5. Bring a home cooked meal on the plane. Right before your trip, make some cooked foods, basmati rice, fish, with your favorite veggies and add 2 tbs of ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil.
    * Use the container as you travel and for a meal when you return.

The opposite of what we need is what we are served on an airplane.
Inflight food is usually; cold, processed foods; pretzels (dry, light, rough). We need warming, grounding, unctuous, easy to digest foods.

During the flight:

  1. They allow you to bring a quart sized zip lock baggie with your liquids in it. I bring 2 ounces of coconut oil (for food) and another container of some herbal massage oil, essential oils and some tinctures that I might need during my trip, such as rescue remedy etc.
  2. Sip warm or hot water so you can stay hydrated.
  3. Self-massage, to hydrate/lubricate skin, and rejuvenation. I go to the bathroom after people have already used it. This way, I can take a few extra minutes in there without feeling the pressure of knowing that people are waiting. If it is cold, I cover the air vent, then wipe off the basin and fill it with hot water, so I can put my oil bottle in there to warm up. While that is heating, I take a few drops of essential oils in my palms and breathe deep. I like to start off with thieves, which kills airborne pathogens, or other simple essential oils such as Lavender, lemon, orange etc. Then, I use the warmed oil and give myself a modified ‘Abhyanga’. I rub some oil on my arms, chest, back, and legs. If it is a long flight, this will be completely absorbed by the time I arrive, and I will have deeply hydrated tissues!
  4. I wear compression socks and take several stretch brakes to increase circulation.

When you arrive:
* When going anywhere, I leave some spring water in a glass container, in my car for my return. There is nothing like spring water from where I live!

  1. Drink a lot of water, from a stainless steel or glass bottle, not plastic. I am sure by now you have heard about the DNA altering plastics and chemicals.
  2. Take a hot shower as soon as you can.
  3. On Kauai, we like to go to the ocean to wash off the plane and the mainland.
  4. Get a nice warm meal and add, avocado, grass-fed butter or coconut oil.
  5. If you watch the sunset and sunrise, this helps your body regulate to the current time zone. Enjoy!

Travel according to Ayurvedic Medicine:

Ayurveda is the ancient “Science of Life’ from India dating back 7,000 years.

The three goals of Ayurveda are to prevent disease, preserve health and promote longevity. From the outside, it may appear that Ayurveda is simply a diet, using herbs, massage, and body typing, however it truly is a lifestyle. Ayurveda is a health-giving, longevity creating, increasing quality of life, daily practice. Yoga and meditation are part of Ayurveda and common ‘prescriptions’.

According to the Ancient science of healing, Ayurveda, there are 3 specific energies that must be balanced in order for optimal health to prevail. When one of the three becomes depleted or excessive, the ending result is a disease. What is not common knowledge is that people who travel frequently for work or, for pleasure can easily increase the energy of movement. Then, this imbalance or excess of Vata, if not counteracted will begin to take root in the body, then continue to grow through the stages of disease. The root cause of disease is excess doshas, also Known as Vata/movement, Pitta/transformation, and Kapha/structure.

Traveling increases ‘movement’ and is called Vata in Sanskrit. The qualities of Vata are cold, dry, light and rough. When these qualities are increased in the environment or diet they affect our organism. If we want to remain calm and balanced we will counteract these with warm, oily, smooth and heavier substances.

Symptoms of high Vata:

Dry; skin, nails, hair, mouth and eyes, constipation, insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety, nervousness, weight loss, shooting pain, traveling pain etc.

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Take some time during your vacation to Cleanse & Rejuvenate

Take some time during your vacation to cleanse and rejuvenate.
We all have busy lives these days, juggling our family, children and our job, sometimes we neglect our self.

Cleanse and rejuv

There is so much we can accomplish when we turn our attention inward.  Many of us are not taught self care, so we neglect our body, we neglect our emotional selves. It is important to take time periodically catch up with our inner lives.  Take advantage of this new package as a step toward your own self care. Perhaps carve out some time for a beach walk or journaling either before or after.

Announcing our Cleanse & Rejuvenate package!

Receive a 50 minute Lomi Lomi massage, I am Glowing body polish full body exfoliation, and a Body Wrap with a deep conditioning treatment for the hair & scalp. 135 minutes of bliss.
For one $285

We have earned the Trip Advisor Certificate of excellence award for 2016!!

I am so happy to share with you that we have just earned the Trip Advisor Certificate of excellence award for 2016!!

We are committed to providing consistent excellent customer service and hopefully it shows.  A big mahalo to all our guests for visiting us year after year and being so gracious and sharing your experiences! A HUGE mahalo to my staff for being awesome!
With warm aloha,

Mercury retrograde, what is it good for?



An ‘upaya’ for mercury retrograde
In the spirit of ho-o-pono pono


upaya (ooh-pie-yuh) Is a Sanskrit word for planetary ‘remedy’, as is a puja, offering prayers, foods, flowers, wearing certain gemstones or colors in honor of a planet. An upaya is a remedial measure in this context for mercury retrograde. An upaya is a vehicle in which to create a direct relationship with a planet, to align with the specific planetary energy (in now time, in the direction it is moving).

ho-o-pon- pono Hawaiian, to make ‘right’, to make amends, ultimately to be in ‘right relationship’.


One of the best times to learn about communication is when mercury is retrograde. When a planet is in retrograde motion, the energy of the planet is not moving outward, it is moving centripetally, inward. That is the time to reflect on the specific energy of the planet, the lessons contained there within. Ergo, contrary to popular belief, Mercury is not the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong during this time. In fact, we can make great strides in our inner world as Mercury asks us to reflect and internalize the important lessons. One theme in Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic Astrology is to align ourselves with the ‘energy’, moving in the same direction. Here, on Kauai surfers do the same thing.

Simply by attending you are declaring your willingness to learn, practice and self reflect, thus aligning yourself with beneficial Mercury energies.


The practice:

The practice is learning and practicing Communication skills. To learn and practice, the art of noticing, distinguishing and liberating certain habitual ways of communication. When we come together, our sankalpa (sacred intention) is a commitment to be practice partners, in the way we listen and speak, even for just one class, or the several. A social meditation where the container is the crucible for us to ruminate on our modus communication.

  1. Listen: Practice listening to what someone says, and interpreting how they might feel. This is where we put ourselves in the other person’s felt experience and do our best to understand how they feel the way they feel. We avoid spending time formulating what we are going to say, we truly take in what they say. Then pause and take a conscious breath after they finish. Let there be space.
  2. Practice active listening; recapitulate what they told you, and ask if that is correct.
  3. Say, tell me more, then listen.

In conclusion, Mercury wants clear communication, articulation, and flexible thinking. He governs: education, language, writing, logic, and understanding. He represents modes of communication, which is why people blame all sorts of communication breakdowns on him. The best use of mercury retrograde is to be involved in those activities or activities, which involve using those inner faculties just mentioned. In my humble opinion, I think it is a perfect time to: journal, catch up on your inner work, learn, practice and teach communication skills (like I am doing here), learn a new language, teach something, do your mantra, articulate your messages clearly, enunciate your words, etc. Mercury is not our scapegoat. Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to learn and grow.
I’d love to hear how it goes for you!
With warm aloha,

I’m thrilled to announce we now have online scheduling

I love that you can now schedule your spa services online at any time of the day or night!
A few years ago, I considered online scheduling and did a lot of research, I mean A LOT!
I spent hours looking into what they offer, their limitations, costs, all the details, it was a huge learning curve because I didn’t know what I would need. I dropped it because I wasn’t convinced that it would be a good fit, and at the time we had a lot of internet interruptions.

I'm thrilled to announce

Fast forward to 2016, I started doing research again, with a solid consistent internet connection! This time I called the top 6 companies and asked them basically 2 questions; do you schedule for couples and can your system accommodate add-ons (like our beachside, deep tissue, etc.)? Most of them had this complicated ‘work around’ as they call it. But Booker didn’t. For a while there, I considered going into a lucrative and well needed online scheduling business!

After months of research, (and a learning curve)
I am thrilled to announce, we have added ONLINE SCHEDULING.

You can now schedule anytime day or night!
Remember to schedule your services in advance we fill up fast!
If you would still like a human, just call us!


Do you know the difference between surviving and thriving? 
What is your idea of self care?

Here at Hanalei Day Spa, we are a holistic business geared towards thriving and really enjoying life our own selves, and helping you to do that too!

Whether or not you come in to receive spa treatments, let me inspire you to take care of your self, fill up your self love cup so you can love those around you even more.

I made a short video about THRIVING:


BOGO Buy one facial, get one free Sept & Oct


Venus has been retrograde, during venus retrograde the ‘Venus energy’ is not expressed outwardly, in fact, oftentimes there are can be the potential for relationship and or interpersonal challenges during this retrograde cycle.

The best approach is to internalize and ruminate on whatever lessons are brought to us during this cycle. To celebrate the true venus energy, is to revel in beauty in all it’s forms; our (and other’s) beauty, the beauty of nature, a child, experience pleasure and all the lovely delights the senses have to offer. To deeply enjoy the fragrant flowers, the delicious smell of the air, tastes of food, to enjoy touch and create and see beauty in everything. Hanalei Day Spa is a Venus place.

Venus retrograde affects us all in different ways, based on where it is in our chart. We might have been ‘working on’ our appearance during this recent cycle or the appearance of our home, some sort of internalized Venus energy.

On September 6th (actually around 10:30 pm September 5th HST) Venus will begin to move forward
I want to support you in celebrating your own beauty by offering this HUGE DISCOUNT on facials!

We fill up quick, Call ASAP to schedule!
(ME 1929 MAT 7114 BSH 5302)

Keep yer cool in summer.

This short video offers some quick tips how to eliminate heat in the body. Not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is a good start and I include special cooling yogic breathing techniques. If you post comments or questions, I will answer as my time allows. If it is an in depth question, you may want to enroll for an ayurveda consultation. I offer a limited number of these per month. Take care and enjoy!

We are going greener!

save a tree
fill out your intake form online
intake form

no need to print, or email, it is an interactive form that automatically sends….

After years of stacking all of the intake forms, I have decided to go paperless. It is the same form, just online.

The other great thing is that if you didn’t frequent the spa enough to make it with the privileged echelons in the filing cabinet (6X per year) and had to fill out your form every year or so.
Now after filling it out, you will be on file!

so, yeay we are saving trees!

Let’s stop blaming Mercury retrograde, he doesn’t like it!


Mercury2     Mercury1

Actually Mercury doesn’t care, but I got your attention. That’s right, Mercury doesn’t really care, but you should, not in a judgmental ‘should’ kind of way but in a self reflective, I am going to take responsibility for myself, kind of way.

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now, but I feel compelled to shout from the rooftops, or maybe just my lanai, “Let’s stop making mercury the scapegoat of our problems!” He doesn’t deserve that, no planet does. Mercury is so misunderstood, the minute anything goes wrong, people blame him.

The truth is, one of the best times to learn about communication is when mercury is retrograde. Let me explain, first, any retrograde planet is not literally moving backwards; it just appears to be, in relation to the earth. When a planet is in retrograde, that is the time to reflect on the specific energy of that planet, and learn the lessons, that ‘it’ wants to teach us. Ergo, contrary to popular belief, Mercury is not the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong during this time. In fact, we can make great strides in our inner world during any retrograde cycle because it is a centripetal energy.

Mercury asks us to reflect, ruminate, work and internalize the important lessons. One theme in Ayurvedic medicine (the system of healing from India) and Vedic Astrology is to align ourselves with the ‘energy’, and move in the same direction.

Here, on Kauai, surfers do the same thing, they wait for a ‘good’ wave, turn their surfboard in the direction the wave is moving, then they paddle hard. The wave picks them up and they have a great ride just in front of this big lump of water that pushes them forward! They can artfully carve in and out of the wave, or just stand there on the board enjoying the free ride (that’s what I did). I’ve surfed before and there is no other feeling like it! The potential here is a great ride, or… the waves can pummel you, it is entirely your choice.

Vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic medicine are sister sciences, which I learned together, starting some 20 something years ago. I want to clarify that I am not a Vedic astrologer, I am still very much a student, a devotee of it all, dedicated to learning and continually growing. My main focus is Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga, which, at some level, are all really interconnected and inseparable.

According to Vedic astrology, the name for planets is graha, meaning to grasp. Inversely, in yoga, we learn Apari-graha, which means non-possessiveness, to not hold onto; things, people, ideas, possessions etc.   In this case, the planets/graha literally grasp us. In a way, they posses us, and have their way with us. As these karmas ripen, they live out certain karmas through us during times when they are more lively in our chart. It is likened to an archetypical energy that we embody and live out.

To me, it is common sense to come to the conclusions that if the universe/a planet wants something from us, why not give it what it wants? Planets or ‘the universe’ or whatever your term is for creation/creator want certain behaviors from us. Such as: surrender, serious discipline, humility, consistency, did I say humility, yes, Saturn wants lots of that. Mercury wants clarity, distinction, discretion, and discernment to name a few.

There is also a bunch more data that your friendly neighborhood Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) will tell you about the house Mercury was occupying when you were born, your natal chart and where he is now which will give different results. I am not here to do that, I am here to say “hey, there’s this thing that people have been misunderstanding, here’s the truth, there can be a lot of positive cultivation now, so let’s take advantage of that.

In conclusion, Mercury wants clear communication, articulation, and flexible thinking. He governs: education, language, writing, logic, and understanding. He represents modes of communication, which is why people blame all sorts of communication breakdowns on him. The best use of mercury retrograde is to be involved in those activities or activities, which involve using those inner faculties just mentioned.

In my humble opinion, I think it is a perfect time to: journal, catch up on your inner work, learn, practice and teach communication skills (like I am doing here), learn a new language, teach something, articulate your messages clearly, enunciate your words, etc. Mercury is not our scapegoat. Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to learn and grow. If you’d like to learn; about yourself, to listen and communicate even better, you may want to participate in the upcoming tele-class I will be teaching during this Mercury retrograde cycle.

I’ll post the details soon or email me for more information. DarciAyur@gmail.com

Were done…for now

Yaey, look at our little cottage!

Were almost done!

Even though the front is finished we are still painting the side of the building. I cant believe how much the spa changed in such a short amount of time! Our awesome crew worked tirelessly from Saturday until now.  My darling husband, Doug was here till 12 and 1am!  You wouldn’t even recognize the foyer during the process! It was covered in sheets, drywall dust everywhere! When they were finished with the wall, window, drywall and painting.  Doug cleaned, then our cleaning Goddess, Shamaya cleaned, I organized the last pieces and opened Wednesday morning.

There is more light, it is looking great, and feels so fresh in here! The crew is ecstatic with their massage dollar bonus too!  I’ll post pics for you as soon as we are done painting. Then we can focus on other things! Such as mercury retrograde!

Day 4 outside  photo 2

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